Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 1 (Overview)

Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 1 (Overview)

How to build a website for your personal training business from scratch for $0

How to build a website, the basics

Here is part one of my mini series on how to build a website from scratch using $0/month. This article will be especially useful because you can start your marketing even if you aren’t currently generating any cashflow from your personal training clients.

Here’s what to expect in this mini series

As we worked together and visited the team at Helen’s. The allure of decadent coffee, a peaceful environment, and friendly employees. Made it clear why it generated many loyal fans.

• How to get a free website domain
• How to get free web hosting
• How to design a website without using code
• How to connect your website, hosting, and domain
• Bonus: How to update your website with a website editor without paying for one

Now before we jump into everything it’s important to understand everything you need so that you won’t be confused if you happen to miss something while building your website.

Here’s a Handy Infographic to Understand What The Perfect Website Requires

Background with a pattern of houses, with text overlay "How Do I Build My Website? Like a House." analogy of how a website compares to a house. relates how a website needs land like a house does. describes that building a house is the same as designing a website relates how a website needs security using SSL Encryption and a house needs doors. compares SEO, Search Engine Optimization with having distinct decorations on a house. a web domain is similar to the address located on your house. just like how a house has a mail box, a business inbox fulfills same purpose with your online business. compares a website editor to equipment you'd use to modify your house.

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Worrying less and free from stress.

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