Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 3 (Free Web Hosting)

Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 3 (Free Web Hosting)

Never pay for web hosting again, perfect for new trainers with a tight budget.

How to Get Free Website Hosting

Watch the video below on how to get free web hosting to get your business online quickly.

  1. First let’s head over to and register for a free web hosting account.
  2. After you register for an account you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen, go ahead and click “Take me to The Panel.”
  3. You’ll then be asked to name your project and to give it a password. (In this case it really won’t matter what you name it or what you set the password to. We won’t need it later.)
  4. Once you name the project and give it a password, you’ll be asked to “Choose your weapon of mass creation.” Select the “Upload your site.” option as this option will give you the fastest website speed compared to the other options.
  5. After you select “Upload Your Site” you’ll be greeted with the file manager and this is all you need to do for now.
  6. Please move onto the next tutorial to learn how to design your website.

Things to note about your free web hosting

• From my tests and understanding your web hosting lasts indefinitely.
• There is a 3 GB monthly bandwidth cap but many of you won’t need to worry unless you have over 1000-1500+ visitors/month
• Your website will have the banner located on the bottom of your website unless you decide to pay for the service. (I would discourage you from doing so.)
• Since you are using a free web host all the servers will be shared so if one person gets hacked there is a chance many other websites could be hacked.

Here’s the Video Transcript

Hey everybody. It’s Denny iHop Luong from Mackeno Creative. What we’re going to go ahead and do today is continue on with how to get a personal training website. So we’ve already discussed how to get a domain. Let’s go ahead and take a look at free web hosting. Okay. So really simple. All you need to go ahead and do is click get started and go ahead and choose the free web hosting. All right. So choose whichever method you’d like to sign up with since I already have an account and I linked through Google, I’m going to go ahead and click sign in All right. So logging me into, or using my Google account. Let’s go ahead and wait for the web host. Okay. All right. So you’ll probably be greeted with this screen. Let’s go ahead and skip through it. You can actually click. It’s not my first rodeo would take me to the panel. Okay. And you don’t really need to give it a name. Uh, you could give it a password that you’ll remember though. All right. So it’s starting up the server and the project. Let’s go ahead and wait for it. All right. Cool. So you have three things to choose from. You’ve got their web builder, WordPress and upload your own site. I wouldn’t really choose upload, uh, using the builder. They have a lot of limitations and there are, you actually have to use their, their domain. So I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t go for that. And it’s actually a bit slower. These two are probably going to be the slowest because you aren’t uploading it from your own or you’re uploading your own site. And then we’re pressed. Yes, it’s very prominent. A lot of people use it. However, I would discourage anybody from using WordPress. If you’re going to be a, usually a long-term, there are sure there’s a lot of things you could do with it, but there are also a lot of vulnerabilities that exist and a lot of maintenance that has to happen on your part. You’re going to have to constantly update it. And WordPress is such a large, um, services software. If you remember earlier from the page, when you clicked on free sign up, you only had about 300 megabytes and we’re press is, I believe it would takes up about half of that. So you already lost most of, most of the bandwidth that you’re already getting. That’s why we’re doing with uploading our own site. It’s the fastest, it’s the most minimal. And we’re going to go with that. Okay, cool. So now that you’re here, everything is ready. All right. So you don’t need to do with this page yet. What we’re going to do is we’re going to come back to this later on. Once we have our website designed and downloaded. Okay. So if you were to come back to your page, when you log in again, you will see this. Okay. So for right now, that’s all we’re going to need to do. If you click on this link, they just take you to this, uh, this generic page. And we’re going to update that with our own website design. Okay. So I’ll see you in the next video on how we’re going to do that, bye now.

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