Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 4 (Designing Your Website)

Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 4 (Designing Your Website)

Don't have time or patience to design your own website? Use the web builder and templates in this video.

How to Design Your Personal Training Website

Now for the real fun stuff! We’re going to dive into using our web editor, where we also allow you to have access to your website files so you can host your website from anywhere.

With our website builder you’ll have access to over 100 templates with new free templates for personal trainers being released every 1-2 weeks.

Head over to our Website Builder - Mackeno Creative to get your free account and templates.

Watch the video below for a walk through on how to use the web builder.

Downloading Your Website Files

To get all the files you need to upload to your free web host please send me an email with the following information

  1. Email:
  2. Subject: Free Web Hosting + Free Website
  3. Body: Name + Email Used to Register + Nickname

After you send this information please wait a few hours so I can send you the website files.

Things to note about using the free web builder

• In the current release of the website builder please email us if you need to download your website.
• All free/non-paid accounts will be deleted 90 days after registration.
• If you connect your domain to our website builder you will have a 30 day free trial, after that you will be asked to pay $23/month or your account may be suspended.
• Our paid website builder includes web hosting, SSL encryption, unlimited contact form submissions, unlimited backups, zero updates, and more.

Here’s the Video Transcript

Hey everybody. It’s Denny iHop Luong from Mackeno Creative. And today we’re going to go ahead and continue building out our personal training website. Okay. So right now, what you see is the platform we’re going to be using it’s Don’t worry. You don’t have to remember that. I’m going to go ahead and leave it in the article. Okay. So you’re going to see a link in the article. That’s going to take you to this platform. Guess what it’s pretty used. Okay. So what I want you to go ahead and do is once you get here, go ahead and click on Simon. Okay. So let’s see if that’s, do you see that? Okay, go ahead and click sign in. All right. So I’m going to go ahead and click here and I’m going to go and just create something. Let’s see. Um, This is Tammy. I was going to create a fake one for now and then put a one put in my business phone number. Okay. And the nickname I’m going to go ahead and say Johnny’s 10th. Okay. Just so I can remember to delete that and I’ll go ahead and put in my password. And if you click this full, let me know and I’ll go ahead and get in contact with you to help you out. Go ahead and click join otherwise. And this is once you’re logged in, go ahead and click create a new website. Alrighty. So you’re going to go ahead and get greeted by this page. And these are the newest releases. So these are the most recent templates that I’ve created and I’m actually going to continue adding more templates. All right. So no worries. They’re going to be free templates and paid templates out here, but it’s all up to you on which one you want to use. And there are also these other ones here, but these are a lot simpler. They’re not as new as the ones I have before or the newest releases I, you see, but go ahead, take a pick and see which one matches you. You could go ahead and preview how it’s going to look as well. So as you saw, I went ahead and clicked preview. All right. So this is the preview that you’re going to see and you can scroll down and it’ll show you what it all has. These are the colors and these are just taking some time to load. And here is what it could look in mobile and here as well. So you could scroll up, you can take a look at which ones you want click around and same thing. So it will show you how it looks overall. Okay. And I’m going to go back. I want to use the first one. I’m going to go ahead and click edit. All right. So this website, builder is intended to be used, uh, very easy to use what you can go ahead and do is let’s say you want to change some of this information. Go ahead and click it and then click edit. And I’m going to say long-term fitness or mine. Um, Donnie long. Okay. And you are free to change the color. See here. I wouldn’t change it to the background color, but okay. And you can also increase the font size. You can make something bold play around. Okay. And you could also make your spacing. So there’s a lot that you could customize here. Okay. Um, here, what I’m going to go ahead and explain to you is this is just to show them what that big wow factor is. Okay. Try to get your, your visitor in to sign up with their coaching. Okay. So Jack Richards, 25 years strength, uh, 20, 25 year strength and conditioning coach army vet, your strength service is a name. And then let’s burn that stubborn, fat right down to the ground. Okay. So this is just the idea. You can make it more specific. Maybe it’s say you, maybe you have a way to drop 25 pounds. Okay. Kind of put that there. You want to just let them know exactly what, what you’re going to get out of it or what they are going to get out of it. Okay. All right. So, well, you can go ahead and do is click here. And what you can actually do with this button is you could change the color of it and you could change what it’s going to do. So right now I have it set up to scroll section. If you don’t want it to scroll down to a particular place, you can take it to another page. You can take it outside. You can make it into another, uh, check the picture out. I don’t really know if you want to do that for this one. And you could also have the mail or like email you or call you. Okay. So there’s a lot that you can do. It’s all up to you. What I’m going to go ahead and do is I’m going to choose, scroll to, and I want them to scroll down to beast mode, bootcamp. All right. Now what you’re going to go ahead and see is if you click here, it will scroll down, done easy. All right. And if you want to go ahead and take you to color, go ahead and click on. This is lightning bolt, this lightning bolt. Okay. Another thing is, if you notice, sometimes I move over to the right side. A lot of these elements that you see here are going to give you more options and more actions. Okay? So this one and you hover over it, it also tell you what it’s going to do. So this is button style. You can also affect the button style by clicking edit button, and then clicking style here. Same icon. Let’s say I wanted to change, uh, the way the effects are going to get jumped. Okay. Put an underline or color slide. Okay. I like color slide. You could change the buttons border like that. I wouldn’t make it yellow. And the looks a little off and you can change the radius as well. So the radius is just how, um, how round it is as you see here. I actually don’t want to do that. I’m just going to put it back to zero, like the square look in this case. And here you could change that color, which I wouldn’t necessarily change it too, but Hey, all up to you. Okay. And feel free to play around with all this because it’s all subjective. It’s all about your preference and there’s nothing stopping you. Okay. Go ahead and went out there. Another thing that you can do is you can also rearrange the section and change the colors. So as you see here, when I clicked on this section, I could change the color of it. I wouldn’t make it so bright in this case. So I chose a darker color there, this little gray. And what I want to do is let’s say that I don’t want the testimonial at the very top. I can move it down. Okay. As you saw, continue moving it down. Okay. But I actually don’t want it there. I have a particular reason. So this is just a quick and easy way to show a little bit of social credibility to your visitors. All right. By having a small testimonial here at the very top, it’s a non-committal way, because just read it and they’ll see. Oh, okay. So not only do you help them burn fat, there’s a lot more that you can do. And this is the actual testimonial and you can also place testimonials elsewhere as well. But this is just a very easy way. They could just look at it and they’ll have it in the back of their mind. Okay. Now there’s a lot you could do. You could change the images or you can use stock photos if you click media center. Okay. So you could choose from one of these anythings that you like. You could even type something in. And there we are. I’m not going to click on any of them because when you click on them, it’s going to replace the image. And, well, I don’t really want to replace this image, so I’ll go ahead and click out of there. Okay. So let’s also say you might not want one of these sections. You can Delete it And let’s say you happen to accidentally delete it, go ahead and click this button and click back. And sometimes You might see this load for a very long time. If that happens to you. No worries. Go ahead and click refresh and it’ll be back to normal. Just make sure you had actually pressed the undo button. Okay. Okay, cool. So Quick, simple, easy little thing is, let’s say I wanted to edit this and make the text larger. I did that and make it bold, just so it matches this one at the top, and you can do this for everything. Uh, I put these packages here, just so, because these are the biggest ones, because some personal trainers have this big package. So these are going to be the ones you can put at the top. And these, you could have your other smaller packages. Okay. And you could edit the body and place more information here. Okay. All right. I’m going to go ahead and delete that cause I don’t really need it. And then here, just give a little bit of information about who you are so that your visitors know who you are like as their trainer. Okay. And then lastly, we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this contact. Let’s say that you have this contact page. You can add more elements if you’d like, I can add another field. Let’s say that I wanted to add a phone number. I can go ahead and edit type phone number and I could also make it mandatory that you click that checkbox save. And there’s an asterisk, which just means that it’s mandatory and required. Okay, cool. So you can go ahead and click save and it’ll ask you to save the name there we are. Go ahead and do that. All right. So I’ve gone ahead and gave him the long-term. That’s the name I can click save and the website, this saved and we’re pretty much done. Okay. This is how you can use a template very quickly for your personal training website. You can complete all this within an hour, maybe four hours if necessary, just if you want to perfect it, but honestly one, four hours is completely fine. You can use the exact template that you have that I have given you here. Okay. So we talked about how to register and how to use a template. The last or the next thing we’re going to cover is actually how to really use the website. Okay. So if you are fine with using this and paying for the service, you can go ahead and publish, update your URL and connect to your domain. You also get a 30 day free trial. Okay? So on the day you sign up is, and publish is when your trial is going to, Okay. So If you don’t want to do that, if you don’t want to pay the $23 a month for the service, the website editing and the web hosting, I’m actually going to show you another way. And it’s actually going to be 100% free, which is why we set up our Free web hosting. Okay. We’re going to go ahead and talk about that in the next video. Thank you. And take care and have fun with your new website.

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