Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 5 (Publish Your Website)

Website Tutorial from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Training Website Part 5 (Publish Your Website)

Connecting all the pieces to get your website up and running to get new clients.

How to Connect Your Free Website, Hosting, and Domain

We’re at the final step on getting your personal training website up and running for the world to see.

  1. Get your website file (index.html) by emailing me with the instructions from the previous article. (Instructions also listed below.)
  2. Head over to and then login.
  3. Head to your dashboard and click manage website.
  4. Click file manager and open up the folder “public_html”
  5. Click and drag index.html (the website file you got from me) into the folder.
  6. Check that the website is has been uploaded probably by clicking “View Site” on the previous dashboard.
  7. Head to and log into your account and then head to “Services” -> “Manage Domain” -> “Management Tools” -> “Name Servers”
  8. Select “Use customer nameservers”
  9. Modify the two Nameservers: Nameserver 1: “” and Nameserver 2: “” and click “Change Nameservers
  10. Go back to and then the sidebar and click on “Tools” -> “Set Web Address””
  11. Click on “+Add Domain” and then “Park Domain” and then input the domain name you created.
  12. Now you’re finished. Your website is 100% done!

Things to note

• Whenever you want to update your website, all you have to do is delete the previous index.html file and upload the new index.html
• If the file is not saved as index.html then the website will not work
• Do not try to install both WordPress or the index.html, the website will crash or malfunction

Here’s the Video Transcript

Hey everyone. It’s Denny iHop Luong from Mackeno Creative, and today we’re going to go ahead and finish up the very last steps and how to get your website up and running so that your visitors, your friends, family, and clients will be able to see your website. All right. So what we’re going to go ahead and do is head over to zero zero, zero. I think I may have misread that or set that web Don’t worry. I’ll leave a link if I said it wrong. Anyways, Lauren, go ahead and do is just come back to a web host and go ahead and click login with however, what a Trevor method that you chose. I’m going to go with Google All right. Cool. So now that we are getting logged in, let’s go ahead and wait for it so it can redirect us. Might take a second. Okay, great. So you’re probably going to be met with this dashboard style or this, uh, page. What you’re going to want to do is click manage website. So if you followed the instruction from before, you should see the exact same thing that I have, if not go ahead and email me and we can see what we can do. All right. So now that we’re here, what you want to go ahead and do is click file manager, or actually before we do that, remember if you were to click view website, there’s nothing really here that resembles your website. Okay. So just keep that in mind for now. There’s nothing here yet. So we’re going to go ahead and click file manager and then click upload files, wait for it to load. Okay. So it took a little bit of time to load. That’s fine. What we’re going to go ahead and do now is go to public underscore HTML. You can either click open after you have selected it, or just double click. All right. Now you’re going to access. This file. Go ahead and leave it there. I would recommend that you do not touch it. Okay. What we’re going to go and do now is we want to upload the files from our previous website that you designed on the web builder. Okay. So if you aren’t going with the paid service, what I want you to go ahead and do is email me. And so my email is And for the subject line, go ahead and put free web hosting plus free website. And in the body. I want you to go ahead and give me your name, your email, and your nickname. That way I’ll be able to know which files and which website that we need to access. Okay. So if you don’t remember the instructions, that’s fine. I’m actually just going to leave it in the article so that you don’t have to come back to this video to reference the instructions. Okay. So what you’re going to, probably going to see is I’m going to send you a file in your email called index dot HTML. So it needs to be named this way. If it’s anything, otherwise your website will not work. Just keep that in mind. So once you get the fall and you download it, go ahead and head over to the location of where you downloaded it, and then you can drag it here. Okay. Or if you’d like, you could always click upload files, select files, and go to the download location, click open after you selected it. And here we are now click upload done easy as that. All right. So now that we are here, the file has been uploaded. That’s all you need to do in the fall manager, so you can close it there and you’ll be back to this page. Okay. So if you were to view your website, now it’s going to look a little weird and that’s fine. That’s completely part of the process. We’re going to go ahead and connect our domain. So I will close this and then go over to and I’ve already signed in. What you’ll need to do is sign in and then go to services, go to my domains. And then here we are chicken and And you’ll see your domain. Go ahead and click manage domain, go to management tools. And then when you click on that, go ahead and click name servers. So you’re probably going to see use default name named servers. Go ahead and check. Use custom. Alright, so now that we’re here, go ahead and come back to the fall manager. And then you want to go to the tools tab after that you want to go to set website address And you’ll be presented with this page. Nike, connect your domain. Go ahead and click this button. It says, plus add domain, select park domain. That’s going to be the easiest one. So I recommend you do that. Go ahead and copy this. Okay, copy that. And go ahead and paste it. And you could come back and copy one too. I’m a little lazy. So I’m just going to paste the same one and come over here and delete that one and type a two. So it’s for both named servers, it’s going to be NS and then you’re going to have zero. And then afterwards it’s going to be a one or two and then zero zero, zero web So I was just a little lazy. Go ahead and click change name servers and Oh, okay. So sometimes this might occur. It says there was an error. Go ahead and just refresh. That’s fine. Okay. Waiting for it to load. Okay. So it says, changes saved successfully. Go ahead and click name servers. And now you’re going to go ahead and see that it’s here. So if you don’t see it, what you’re going to go ahead and do is all right. So after you have saved it or refresh the page, you should see changes saved successfully. If not, go ahead and come back to management tools, going to name servers, and then just check and input the same information again. So now that you see the mind is working properly, it just re it just capitalized everything. Okay. So go ahead. And I don’t need to change the name servers since it’s already working properly. Okay. So now that you’re here, you really don’t need to do anything. Just go ahead and close that out and type in your domain. Okay. And then now you can go ahead and click park domain. All right. Cool. So domain has been parked and there we are. Now we see it popped up over here. So it’s linked to the original website domain that they have given me for free. So they’re the one they gave me was unaccountable, zero web host I don’t really want to use that. That’s why I wanted to use a custom one. Okay. Obviously you should pick one that is more representative of your business. Um, but I just want to show you how to create a domain. Okay. So now that you’re here, all you have to do is click and done. So this is the website that we created. Okay. Nothing weird. The text is there no blurry images? This nothing is missing. Okay. So everything is good. Now everything is working. All right. So now that you’re here, you’re pretty much done. The website is working. If you were to visit chicken and, you would see this same exact website. So your clients and your visitors are going to do the same thing when you showed them your website. So you’re completely done. Everything is fine. If you have any questions, go ahead and let me know. Otherwise we’re done for this video. All right. Thank you.

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