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Welcome to Mackeno Creative!

Hi, you can call me Denny iHop Luong. I run a web design agency located in Houston, TX, that started at the beginning of 2020, the COVID Pandemic. My team and I wanted to focus on helping personal trainers who inspire change and empower others. I have had first-hand and second-hand experience working with personal trainers. My goal was to find out everything I could about the industry and experience the same things as you do as you run your training business.

I'm Denny!
But some people call me iHop.

Passion #1: To help others like you and me pursue their dreams.
Passion #2: To fuel the world with creativity and design.

I enjoy to fusing my passions together to make a greater impact to my community, helping others succeed and by bringing your creative visions to life. You'll either find me coaching students on how to do the same, lecturing my webcam about design and the importance of never giving up, or following my passion of helping others achieve their own passions through continuous improvement. (Or lounging around cities looking for weird attractions.)

Fun Facts:
  • I'm usually referred to as a vampire or mold. (I'm afraid of the sun.)
  • I am a personal trainer to friends and family. (I am a firm believer in the "See Food Diet")
  • I used to be a quality assurance and software development consultant for a few Fortune 100 Companies until I found out the corporate life didn't fit my weird personality
  • My Mission

    To help 1000 personal trainers take back their time and live a stress-free and productive life.

    My Vision

    To help personal trainers touch the lives of others to improve the world around us.

    My Goal

    To help ourselves and others stop wasting a single second doing things we don't want.

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    Worrying less and free from stress.

    We are a Houston, TX based web design agency that makes straightforward and effective websites for personal trainers dedicated to improving the lives of others.

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